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Freecell security innovative solution

Freecell, a subsidiary of Septier Communications, focuses on providing a Location Tracking and Home curfew solution based on a beacon-free system and device that employs high-level algorithms and the latest AI system.

Value Proposition

To offer the most reliable offender monitoring solution and a monitoring center application based on our experience in the command and control field. Our solution offers a single wearable bracelet which covers all the needs without additional devices (such as a beacon). The bracelet provides location information wherever the location, based on several technologies with the best possible accuracy

The Solution

The Freecell bracelet tracks the subject indoor, without the need to deploy a tactical team to maintain contact with the offender.

The tracking device leverages cellular technologies, to enable the device to track the offender: GNSS, cell towers, WiFi, Bluetooth, acceleration and direction sensors.

The monitoring center web application provides clear indications about the location and possible violations of the offender. An efficient alert system is put in place to detect violations, which would decrease them and decrease the rate of false reports and alarms.

About Us

FREECELLâ„¢ is a subsidiary company of SEPTIERâ„¢ Ltd, a leading company for over 20 years in the field of building solutions based on gathering information for law enforcement agencies, providing Tailor-made hardware and software solutions, for ministries around the world.

With outbreaking solutions in the field of dynamic tactical and strategic security systems alongside a growing line of cyber security solutions we allow our clients to have the state-of-the-art solutions in the tracking and monitoring complete solutions