'' About Us - Freecell

Freecell brings a full suite of solutions to meet the needs of organizations that adopt electronic Monitoring as an alternative solution for the localization of inmates & offenders

Our veteran engineers are experts in location tracking technologies, that involve GNSS, cellular triangulation, WiFi , low energy Bluetooth (BT) as well as other radiation signature technologies;

By combining our experienced personnel, with the leveraging of the cellular network, we provide unified solutions that are always maintained up-to-date with the latest development in our industry.

Our Management

Raphael levi – Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Raphael “Rafi” Levi served in multiple intelligence units in the Israeli Army, counting the renowned 8200 intelligence unit and after leaving the army joined the professional arena of the high-tech industry in Israel.

With more than 25 years of experience in cyber security R&D, his roles range from being a product manager to the definition of long-term projects, building product roadmaps, and planning how to delivery desired results for tech and defense companies. Moreover, he is skilled at prioritizing tasks, creating harmonious teams, and negotiating with cross-unit stakeholders to balance demands and expectations. A team leader with an outcome-focused approach, ensuring high-quality project deliverables.

In addition, he holds a BSc in Electrical Engineering from Afeka Tel Aviv Academic College of Engineering and an MBA from the College of Management Academic Studies, based in Israel.

Raphael Levi, Co-Founder & CEO at Freecell