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Our Solution

Value Proposition

To offer the most reliable offender monitoring solution and a monitoring center application based on our experience in the command and control field.

Our solution offers a single wearable bracelet which covers all the needs without additional devices (such as a beacon).

The bracelet provides location information wherever the location, based on several technologies with the best possible accuracy.

The Solution

The Freecell bracelet tracks the subject indoor Ahome unit is not needed

The involved bracelet technologies are: GNSS, ell towers, WiFi,

Bluetooth, acceleration and direction sensors.

The monitoring center web application provides clear indications about alarms and

violations with an industry-leading low rate of false reports and alarms.

Victim Application

Additional Information

High precision indoor and outdoor location, based on different location sources, integrated by the Freecel algorithm

Reliable alarms and violations

Comfortable bracelet design, hypoallergenic materials and high anti-tampering standard

Waterproof (IP68)

Tethered and untethered charging (power bank)

Autonomous, simple and quick bracelet installation

Local servers, automatic backup and failover


Encrypted Data

Monitoring and Information Center Application, based on many years of experience

Highly skilled local and remote support

Victim Application

Having a proximity alert system for notifying the victims and their families in real- time at the moment the offender is in a forbidden radius.

SOS Button

Sending alerts of radius infractions to the enforcement officers to respond in time including live maps. 

Freecell Security Bracelet Tracking Individuals Outside of Correctional Facilities

High Precision Indoor and Outdoor Location

High Precision Indoor and Outdoor Location

The Freecell Security Bracelet is a one-piece electronic monitoring solution which

enhances offender rehabilitation and empowers a safer community. The solution

incorporates cutting edge positioning technologies which locate the offender, both

indoors and outdoors, without any need for a home unit or beacon. With the Freecell

bracelet, home detention requires less hardware but is just as effective and more cost

efficient than traditional tracking systems.

Positioning events are constantly being presented and analyzed using the Freecell

monitoring center to alert of any irregularities.

Extensive tracking alerts

Instant geo-fencing alerts indicate if the offender has violated their designated perimeter
and/or scheduling. The bracelet contains additional warnings including low battery,
movement alerts, anti-tamper signals and more.

Program Efficiency

A single piece of equipment, simple installation and high precision location in all
scenarios make the system easy to maintain with high efficiency and low total cost of
ownership. The solution fits all use cases of alternative to imprisonment, such as
pre-trial and probation.

Offender Privacy

All communications between the bracelet and the monitoring
center as well as the data stored on the system’s database
are encrypted and comply with the GDPR requirements.

Anti-Vandalism Standard

Each unit is designed to provide high-end security along with comfort to wear the product
around the clock. It’s made from robust materials with a waterproof IP-68 standard as
well as a hypoallergenic materials and comfortable curved design.

Extended Battery Life

The bracelet’s long battery life is owed to efficient use of power and with the performance of automatic power modes

optimizations between several location sources, data connectivity sources including

power saving advanced LTE standards and configurable interval reports sent to the

server. Each of these methods extend the battery duration without having to connect to a

power source.

Intuitive Monitoring Center

Freecell’s advanced monitoring center is a unified platform used to easily manage and

control each bracelet. It employs multiple capabilities including: the creation of new

offenders, tracking their ongoing location and presenting geofencing alerts in real time on

a map display. It also enables to change the bracelets current configuration and export reports for further analytics.